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“TURN ON YOUR IDEA OF LIGHT” Create your own chandelier, entrusted to us. MT ILLUMINAZIONE SRL  manufactures customized artistic decorative chandeliers. If you want your home to talk about you, rely on us for the realization of lighting. We will be able to give shape to your ideas through the precious and unique materials of…


“ THE TRUE MADE IN ITALY” Since 1978 MT ILLUMINAZIONE represents reliability, quality and tradition.Over 40 years of experience in the implementation of major projects b2b and numerous tailor-made projects for the private client or local business.Thanks to the constant serach for perfection and the guarantee of quality,over the years, MT ILLUMINAZIONE has become one…

How to light up a living room with style

Here are some tips for lighting up a living room with style. In a living room and dining room, the chosen lighting accessories are very important. If the environment is an open space, it is ideal to highlight the table area choosing a particular chandelier that gives the right light make the whole environment unique….

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