Create your own chandelier, entrusted to us. MT ILLUMINAZIONE SRL  manufactures customized artistic decorative chandeliers.

If you want your home to talk about you, rely on us for the realization of lighting. We will be able to give shape to your ideas through the precious and unique materials of which our models are made: the murano glass, the crystal with a thousand reflections.

We evaluate together with you based on the type of furniture, wich style of chandelier best suits your environment. Starting form the photos of your environment, we develop a customized project. You can choose the type, style, shape, finish and create your own chandelier.

To create your chandelier we stard from the choice of the type. MT ILLUMINAZIONE SRL produce various types of artistic decorative style chandeliers. With Murano glass and crystal en fact it is possible to make chandeliers both for classic environment and for modern ones. The crystal color in gold leaf is very close to classic furnishings while inserting colored details in black, white or red it is possible to create beautiful plays of color for the most modern environments.  

To create a crystal chandelier you can decide the style, the dimensions, the finish and also the composition of the crystal cascades, even choosing the color as we have a large selection of rhinestone elements.

Finally to create a modern chandelier you can choose to ceate stylized shapes by playing with both painted and nickel-plated finishes.

At our shop MT ILLUMINAZIONE OUTLET FACTORY in Fiesso d’Artico Venice, you will find all the advice and creativity you need to create your chandelier. We offer you the quality and artisan techniques typical of the centuries old tradition of our territory. Together with you we will give “light on the details”.